Advetec XO


The Advetec XO, a development of the company’s successful Bio-Thermic Digester (BTD) technology, is an in-vessel solution engineered to rapidly digest organic waste.

These small foot print units can deliver between 60% and 90% reduction in mass from mixed organic waste streams.

The Advetec XO is the only on-site solution which can handle non organic or un sorted waste contained within the organics.

Inside the process our bespoke blends of bacteria digest organic content through an exothermic reaction which in turn releases water within the waste. This process happens within 48-72 hours and the output material is dry and has a high calorific value.

Our range is tailored to cater for all aspects of the organic waste sector with solutions capable for hotels and restaurants, industrial food & drink manufacturers through to municipal waste handlers and water utilities.

Available for purchase or managed service, the Advetec XO can assist your companies waste needs.

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