We have put together a set of commonly asked questions , if you have a question that is not answered below please give us a call on the above number or contact one of our global distributors.


Can I become a distributor for Advetec?

Thank you for your enquiry, however I must stress that Advetec has licensed and contractually obligated distributors in many countries, any business you wish to develop will have to go through the exclusive Advetec local office.

Most in country Advetec Distributors are happy to work with consultants and businesses as end providers but that is a contractual agreement between you and them. They can also choose not to work with you as it may be a conflict of interest.

Please look at our web site and you can find a list of countries with Advetec representation. You can contact the local Advetec office directly should you have specific projects in mind. They will advise you of the financial renumeration and business relationship packages available.

What is the discharge water quality?

The water from the organic and bacteriological process is drawn out as steam that is then condensed through a chiller system This potable water can be discharged to drain or stored in a water tank where a UV sterilisation system prevents any bacteriological growth. Typically this can be used for irrigation or wash down water, Should you require further purification you can filter it more through a Reverse Osmosis unit and get clean drinking water.

How long does it take to manufacture a Advetec XO?

Typically a standard unit requires 12 to 14 weeks from receipt of order and deposit to manufacture an Advetec XO. Then depending upon final transit location you will need to add an additional 3 to 4 weeks for transportation and customs clearance.