Research & Development

Advetec are an innovative development company. The business works with many organisations to create new products and solve complex issues. A few are shown below:


Dytecna are predominantly a military supply specialist to BAE Systems. To further develop waste systems for naval vessels Dytecna in association with Advetec developed an-enhanced Membrane Bio-Thermic Digester to process, sewage (black Water) kitchen waste, bilge water (Grey waste) and medical waste all in one system for retro fit to current military ships and for the new Type 26 warship about to be built.

This new system allows a greater time at sea for the ships.

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Aston University

The need to break down plastics and extract oil for re-use has led Aston University on the development and enhancement of Pyroforming technology, to convert inorganic waste streams into bio-fuel and then Energy.

Advetec have used their engineering expertise to assist the University to make this technology a reality.

EBRI – A project that is linked through Aston University to develop waste handling and process enhancements that create waste to energy and waste from anaerobic digesters (Biogas Plants).

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Advetec through their experience of nuclear gasses and manufacture of specialist high quality equipment has been involved with the development and manufacture for Onet/EDF of Nuclear Decontamination equipment.

Some pictures of this equipment is shown below:

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