Advetec Airstream Range


Advetec ODR8

Advetec has developed a plant based ionic product that when atomised into the air causes noxious odours to be neutralised. The dispensing equipment and delivery system built by Advetec was recently installed on the Olympic site in Stratford, London.

Advetec’s Airstream unit disperses Advetec ODR8, which is an ionic neutraliser. The product works by binding the positively charged odour molecules in the atmosphere with the ODR8 negatively charged plant extract. The resultant bonding neutralises the odours within the atmosphere resulting in a clean and fresh smelling environment.

Advetec Odr8 is non perfumed and does not mask the odours like many inferior products. It is safe to use in any environment and has been used extensively in abattoirs, sewage treatment and odour producing industries globally. In 2013 Advetec Airstream units and ODR8 where used at the Glastonbury Music Festival where 250,000 revellers experienced fragrance free toilets.

Advetec can supply a bespoke designed system to neutralise all your odour problems.

Advetec FlyGone

Waste sites, landfill, and composting sites provide the ideal conditions for insects to breed and spread disease. Flies in particular need to be controlled. These sites provide a constant supply of food for the flies; putrified food and increase in temperature of the waste due to the process of decay and on these sites causes the
encouraging growth of fly populations. The problems caused by the presence of large numbers of flies are obvious.

• Sites become unworkable
• A threat to public health by overspill into surrounding areas
• Nuisance
• Spread of disease organisms, such as dysentery, Gastroenteritis and other diseases are carried by flies

These sites can harbour houseflies, blowflies, blue bottles, and green bottles. Each female fly can lay about 500 eggs in several batches of about 75 – 150 eggs every 3 to 4 day period. In one season, one pair of flies can produce from egg to adult between 5 billion to 190 billion flies! Advetec recognises that the control of these fly populations requires a different approach to treatment and that these sites cannot rely on basic applications such as knockdown or coarse spraying. Targeting all the stages of the fly life-cycle to break the breeding process is needed to gain control.

What is it?
Advetec Fly Gone is a new formulation; a nonchemical, nonbiological, organically approved, broad-spectrum insecticide for flying and crawling insects and maggots.
Advetec Fly Gone is non-hazardous, non-flammable and carries no known risk. It is a natural plant derived product harnessing the power of lavender oil and natural coconut with citrus extracts, providing a unique formulation through physical action not chemical. Advetec FlyGone is a slightly sticky liquid which, when applied directly to the insects, breaks down the wax coating on the body causing dehydration and subsequent death. It is this unique physical action that works on flies, eggs, larvae and pupae that makes Advetec FlyGone incredibly efficient and effective.

Where can it be used?
Advetec FlyGone is perfect for use for all forms of waste sites, landfills, composting, animal housings, hospitals, farming, food storage, slaughterhouses and anywhere where flies are a problem.

How does it work?
Advetec FlyGone can be applied using an Advetec’s Airstream Units, or any compatible fogging or misting system.


Advetec Airstream Fans & Misting
Dust suppression and odour control misting systems The Advetec Airstream is a high-pressure system that pumps water or water and ODR8, though nozzles to create a fine atomised mist. The system operates with either mains or generator supplied power (240V/415V) and mains supplied potable water. The cabinet
is available in either GRP or stainless steel, with all key components in an IP65 rated enclosure. The 7-day timer control, remote facility and pulse mode allow the system to function without frequent operator attention and ensures reduced running costs and maintenance. The Advetec Airstream™ system is available as customised units to suit our client’s requirements.

Typical applications
• Waste transfer stations • Landfill sites • Composting sites • Remediation sites









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