Advetec have a range of equipment and processes that cut down on the need for Land fill. However, there will always be a need to bury items which cannot be recycled economically or where Organic material has already been buried into the ground. One of the results of this is the production of Leachates.

The generation of leachate is caused principally by precipitation percolating through waste deposited in a landfill. Once in contact with decomposing solid waste, the percolating water becomes contaminated and leaches out.

  • Advetec have a range of bio-stimulants and equipment which will reduce and remove Leachates leaving clean water.
  • Ideal for Farms, Landfill sites, Milk producers with settlement lakes,
  • Clean, efficient and ideal for removing toxic smells and harmful bacteria

Through the use of the Advetec Bio Reactor, the injection of aeration into pre treatment tanks as well as, bacteria and bio stimulants the issue of Leachates are removed leaving clearer water.

This water can then in most cases be allowed to drain into water courses.

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