Radon Protection

Radon – what is it?
Radon is a radioactive gas that occurs naturally. It is not the result of global warming, nor the result of any human activity. It is simply there and it’s been around forever. But because of this – and the fact that it’s natural – it would be wrong to ignore it. Radon is now officially recognised as one of the largest causes of lung cancer in the UK today. Radon gas is everywhere throughout Britain, but it’s more prevalent in some parts than in others. Areas where there’s granite, where there are caves, underground ducting for utility services or where there’s been a history of mining. But wherever one lives, there is a risk of radon gas emission. The question is not so much whether it’s present; it’s more to do with whether or not it’s at an acceptable level.

What can you do?
People have been aware of radon for a long time. Sophisticated equipment and gas detectors have been around for almost as long. But detection is one thing, treatment another. So what measures can you take? Preventative action such as lining basements to prevent radon gas from entering the property can be partially successful. Alternatively, a continually operating suction pipe can extract the radon and release it outside into the external atmosphere. But does any of this work?

How effective is Effective?

Linings can cause a block, but not a total one. And a system of ventilation can disperse the gas, but it just moves the problem on for someone else to deal with. Which is not very neighbourly? And of course, it can still enter your premises. Dispersal is short range so it can re-enter the property on shoes, clothing or by gusts of wind through open doors and windows. Concern has arisen over the increasing levels of radioactivity in some garden soils and has led to the reconsideration of dispersal methods. Certainly a more effective solution would be to eliminate the problem at source, but that simply has not been possible, until now…

A natural solution to a natural problem
Advetec has devised a successful means of achieving the eradication of radon (Progeny) gas. The breakthrough – like radon gas – occurred quite naturally. Advetec specialists discovered a safe way of creating a field of negative ions within a specially designed filter which the positive ions in radon lock on to.

Tried & tested design, reliable manufacture
Advetec’s filter is made up of natural products such as vegetable matter and indigenous bacteria. Small fans suck in air along with the positively charged radon (Progeny) gas, which combines with the negatively charged ions. The radon gas remains within the filter where it naturally breaks down and disappears.

The low maintenance filtering system has been subjected to a series of rigorous independent testing, including a report by Loughborough University, which shows that Advetec’s filters operate to a high consistency of efficiency and can absorb a wide range of radioactive emissions. Case studies also prove that the filters are effective and efficient in every type of location. There is no lingering radiation, no carbon footprint – and it’s about as green as you can get.Print

Radon gas is a real hazard, but one that can now be eradicated. For the safety of your employees, your family and yourself, why not give us a call and see how simple and easy it is to have a radon-free existence.