Waste Water

The need for clean water to drink is a requirement for all.

Advetec recognise that as modern lifestyles develop, the demand for water also increases. Water is constantly recycled over and over again.

Advetec can provide equipment and bio-stimulants to safely control and process contaminants from dirty water as well as treat rivers and lakes without damaging the environment and wildlife.

Treatment Plants

The pressure on waste water treatment plants to remove the ever increasing levels of consumer and industrial waste from effluent is an uphill struggle.

Residue from industry and domestic sewage carries a cocktail of chemicals that creates high levels of toxicity.

Advetec has a large range of products which accelerate the aerobic micro organisms rate of digestion of these organics resulting in reduced organic loads in both sewage & industrial plants.

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Waste Water treatment plants with following results:

  • Scum formation reduction
  • Odour reduction and removal
  • Improved effluent quality
  • Decrease in turbidity
  • Reduced ammonia levels
  • Promotion of bacterial ingestion of fats oils and greases
  • Significant sludge reduction

Advantages to the waste water operator include

  • Significant reduction in haulage and waste costs
  • Lower energy costs
  • A decrease in maintenance costs and down time.


A before and after photo after 30 days Advetec Bio-Tech Solutions